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Adjustable laptop stand even for bed

Rica Stativ
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Rica Stativ
uchycení notebooku
uchycení notebooku

Rica Stativ

A flexible stand made of durable steel that makes your work with a laptop healthier and more comfortable,
no matter whether you're sitting, standing, or lying down.

This stand lets you set your laptop to different positions and any height you want.

You just snap your laptop into its universal adjustable mechanism. It fits laptops in a wide range of sizes
(26-44 cms x 15-30 cms x 0-3 cms).
(And if your laptop is outside these sizes, just let us know! We can produce a stand tailor-made for you.)

The stand's hard surface coating – available in several metallic colors – will protect your stand from scratches.

And just like this stand keeps you healthy, it does the same for your laptop, thanks to the ventilation holes in the stand's plate.

Price: 137 €             order

Special adjustable mechanism

for attaching small notebooks
(smaller than the dimensions above)
and tablets.

Price: 16 €

If you want a tailor-made stand, let us know – we can do it. If you want flat fixed attachment parts for a specific laptop, we can make these too. (With these you're limited to using the stand to just one laptop type, but you can attach it more quickly.)

Price: appx. 35 € extra