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Adjustable laptop stand even for bed

Rica Stativ
about me
Rica Stativ

I’ve always been interested in the world of technology and engineering – how things work and how to make them. So naturally I studied mechanical engineering and foundry work. Mastering iron and other metals and melting and reshaping them until they transform into a variety of objects and machines fascinates me. But so do computers, and so after graduating I chose to keep my creations virtual – I worked as a graphic designer for several years. Work in a graphics program doesn’t demand much movement, and so after a few years of sitting at my computer, I started to have back problems. My body and soul were telling me I needed more movement, and I listened – I started making silver jewelry. But that still wasn’t enough, and so I came home to iron – to a metalworking and blacksmithing shop. And yet computers never left my life. Not wanting to remind my back of the bad old days of a sitting profession, I built a stand in my workshop so that I could work or relax with a laptop even when lying down. Ever since that day, I’ve been testing and improving these stands – the Rica Stands. Many of my first stands went out to my family, and while making them, I gradually improved their comfort and configurability, including a universal attachment system that fits all kinds of laptops. Now I’m offering the latest version to you.