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Adjustable laptop stand even for bed

Rica Stativ
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Rica Stativ
laptop stand

The adjustable and flexible laptop stand that lets you use your laptop
while sitting, standing, or even lying down Rica Stativ

Reposition it effortlessly for healthier,
more comfortable work.

You can easily set different positions
and any height you want.

This stand has an adaptable mechanism
that most laptops will snap right into.

We offer tailor-made solutions too.

A sturdy steel construction and a durable, hard finish.

A compact design.

Having backache? Problems sitting?

Do you have health problems connected to sitting in front of the computer, like backache, leg swelling, bad digestion, shallow breathing, increased physical and mental tiredness, worsened concentration and performance?
Or perhaps you are recovering from an injury and have to stay in the horizontal position for some time?

We have a solution for you.

An ergonomic, adjustable stand
that lets you change your position while working with notebooks.
You can sit, stand and even lie down comfortably.

This stand allows setting the height, angle and rotation of your notebook.


bad sitting
Rica Stativ
Rica Stativ
Rica Stativ Solid

Many options

We also make another type of the stand, optimized for work while standing. It still allows to be used for the sitting and lying positions Rica Stativ Solid.

Custom-made production

We can adjust the stand according to your demands.

Moreover, you can order
wheels with brakes and rubber tires.